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Near-Death Experiencers are convinced that our consciousness is eternal. It will not die. That is why they are no more afraid of dying. More than that, they long to be dead because they know they will go back again to that wonderful environment, which they call 'home'. One NDEer once told me: 'Dying is the best part of life; I cannot wait to do it'. Nevertheless, they generally know they shouldn't look for a way to get there 'prematurely', even though they may suffer from severe 'homesickness'. They also learn to enjoy life in a different way. They have a greater desire to live life. Another NDEer told me: 'I am not occupied with death, I am doing life!'

The important message of NDEs: our consciousness is eternal.

The only thing that will die is our physical body, which we will discard as if it is a coat. This means that the moment we are born and we put on that physical body as if it were clothing, we receive the right to return back to the other part of Unity Universe. We can think of it as our birthright to go back to the environment where The Light is. The reason is that we all are a part of The Light; we all carry The Light within us.

This is also the case for people who have had a distressful NDE. My message to them: 

No one can be separated from The Light, because we all are a part of It.

This can be read on page 129 of my book 'The Essence of Religions, A Glimpse of Heaven in the Near-Death Experience', SelectBooks, ISBN 978-1-59079-245-2

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