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Impressions of Near-Death Experiences

Quotations From Over 100 Experiencers


This is my best book, because of the wealth of quotes from NDErs. They are the best tutors in life. The purpose in this book is to give an impression of what near-death experiences (NDEs) are like by giving a multitude of quotes from more than 100 experiencers (NDErs) from all over the world. They originate from North and South America, Europe, and the Middle and Far East, including China. There are even quotes from as far away as New Zealand. The original religious beliefs of the NDErs in this book are equally diverse, representing Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as atheism.

A subset of NDEs consists of so-called veridical observations. They are observations that NDErs made during their experience and that were subsequently independently verified—observations NDErs could have made only if their consciousness was actually outside their bodies. Like the number of NDEs, the number of these veridical observations is growing quickly. They seem to give circumstantial evidence that our consciousness can exist separate from our body. See also the YouTube video of 10 minutes on this subject.

The first main message from NDErs is that Love is the most important thing there is, and that Unconditional Love awaits us when our body dies and our consciousness is released. That Unconditional Love seems to take the form of Light mentioned so often in NDEs. This Love and Light is unconditional, and it is there for everyone. No exceptions, not one single one: Otherwise, it wouldn’t be unconditional. See also the YouTube video of 10 minutes on this subject.

The second message is that we are very thoroughly interconnected with each other, with other animals, with nature, and in fact with all that exists, even rocks and stones. However, if we take a closer look at what many NDErs are saying, the conclusion could be more extreme than just this interconnectedness. It should probably be that, seen from another dimension, we are all ONE. Love is what seems to bind us, and the purest and most perfect love and light is what we all have within us: the divine Love and Light. What we need to do is express this divinity that is within all of us. See also the YouTube video of 10 minutes on this subject.

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