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IANDS YouTube. Interview with Betty Guagadno about unconditional love for everyone (without exception), Oneness (we are One), and distressing NDEs

English: General discussion of NDEs. There is no judgement. We are all loved unconditionally. Reincarnation? Perhaps, there are alternative views possible.

Deutsch: Allgemeine Diskussion über Nahtoderfahrungen. Es gibt kein Urteilung. Wir werden alle bedingungslos geliebt. Reinkarnation? Vielleicht, es sind alternative Ansichten möglich.

Heaven is for all: In this video I explain why heaven is there for all of us. No exception. We all have a ticket to go back to our real home: heaven. This is based on many quotes from NDErs.

Evidence that NDEs are real: In this video I will give a few examples of veridical observations in NDEs. It shows that our consciousness can exist separate from our body.

You are unconditionally loved. No matter how we lived our lives, we are all loved beyond our wildest dreams. We too, have the divine love in us. Spreading that love makes the world beautiful.

There is only ONE. NDErs feel a deep connection to everyone and everything. On the other side, I can feel what you felt, as if I were you. So, there is no real separation between you and me.

Distressing NDEs. They do exist but it is wrong to think that they only happen to “bad” people and that blissful experiences are reserved for “good” people. There is an alternative explanation.

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