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Messages from the Light


The 2008 Great Recession had already been foreseen

In April 2008, while doing my research on Near-Death Experiences I interviewed a woman who could correctly tell that the financial crisis at that point in time was only the start of a much severer and longer economic crisis. She had seen the successive events already in 1986, during her life review in her NDE. And indeed, in September 2008 after the bankruptcy of Lehman the Great Recession really started to gain momentum and to cut deep. This made me reinterpret the messages of this NDEr and of other NDErs, and connect them to what I, as economist, saw was happening with the economy.


We are part of a 'Unity Universe'

An important message from NDEs is that we are all interconnected and that we are all part of a 'Unity Universe'. Our acts and thoughts ripple through this unity universe and even affect people in places we have never seen. The transmission mechanism is not fully known, but it is definitely there. It may have to do with the Akasha field that Ervin Laszlo (philosopher of science) introduced or the non-local space on which Pim van Lommel (cardiologist and NDE researcher) elaborates in his bestseller 'Consciousness beyond Life'. In any case, we see it work in the present crisis, because it is the result of many years of focusing exclusively on own short term self-interest, creating an 'I don't care about you'-society. Many NDErs say that the Great Recession is just the tip of the iceberg. Also what we do to nature will lead to environmental crises.


The world will be a better place!

While many NDErs subscribe to this notion, they also know that the Great Recession and the environmental crises will lead to a much needed change. Currently we are feeling the birth pains but we will come through. The result will be the dawn of a less selfish world, which, of course, is a tremendous improvement. 

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