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We are all ONE


From what NDEers say we can infer that we are part of one big whole. We are part of a unity universe. We are al ONE. One of the most astonishing things NDErs consistently say is that everyone and everything is interconnected through The Light. Or, similarly, we are interconnected through love. Or everyone is part of The Light. To understand this, take a look at some of the things that reoccurs in what NDErs say:


- NDEers gain a tremendous awareness after they leave their body. It is as if they become awareness itself and, through this awareness, they can sense everything there is to sense.

- There is no physical limitation. For instance, they don’t need glasses or even eyes to see. They can look at objects from many different angles at the same time. Walls are no obstacles; with this specific kind of awareness, they can look through them. And there are no boundaries for going places; they can just move through concrete if they choose. They can go wherever they want to go, so physical place is no limitation.

Time is no limitation. It doesn’t exist, or rather, it exists all at once. They can see the future and the past. It is all there at the same time: the past, the present and the future. They are the same. They blend.

All knowledge becomes theirs. It is all freely accessible. They are able to know everything they want to know. Every thought and every idea that every person has ever had or will ever have is open and available to them.

The energy that is felt is enormous, and they are part of it. The energy surpasses everything. Its greatness is incomprehensible, and it seems to be made from love. Love constitutes its unlimited vastness and infinite power. This power is love. And this love is unconditional.

Life review. Some NDEers have a life review. They become able to see every tiny detail of their life, because miraculously every little bit is still there. The most striking thing of all is that they can feel what others around them have felt, and can feel what their actions have triggered in the others. In a life review we will be able to feel everything as if we are those others, as if their feelings are ours. A more direct feeling of what we did to others is not possible. It shows that, in fact, there is no real division between others and us. There is a perfect interconnection.

All of this implies unity. 

Also someone said that we are all children of God, and therefore, we all are little Gods, too. We just have to remember our divinity.

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